Procab CLS215-CCA 2x1.5mm² 100M

CPR Euroclass Cca-s1b,d0,a1

Varenr: CLS215-CCA/1
2 096,-eks mva.


  • EN50399 CPR Euroclass Cca-s1b,d0,a1
  • 16 AWG (1.5 mm²) thin and dense stranded conductors
  • Class 5 IEC 60228 compliant

The CLS215-Cca series are 2-core installation loudspeaker cables compliant to the Cca standards of the Construction Product Regulation (CPR) regarding fire and flammability resistance in fixed installations, minimizing toxic smokes and providing optimal resistance to spreading fire. In addition to its Improved fire properties, the outer jacket of the cabling is smooth and durable for easy installation and pulling.

The CLS2xx series consists of three models with individually polyolefin isolated conductors in sections ranging from 1.5 mm² (16 AWG) up to 4 mm² (11 AWG) which are composed of stranded bare copper wires. The stranding keeps the cable flexible and easy to handle. The cable can be used in both indoor and outdoor or in humid environments.

Physical Characteristics
EN50399 CPR EuroclassCca-s1b,d0,a1
Inner conductorInsulationMaterialPolyolefin 2.5 mm (Ø)
ColoursRed / Blue
Outer jacketMaterialPolyolefin 7 mm (Ø)
Type of cable2-core loudspeaker cable
Inner conductorMaterialBC 28 x 0.25 mm (Ø) (OFC)
Section1.5 mm²
Inner conductorAmerican Wire Gauge16 AWG
Number of conductors2
Conductor twistingYes
Electrical Characteristics
Max. conductorDC resistance13.3 (O / Km)
Dielectric strength2 (KV / 1 min. DC)
Rated voltage500 V



Meter IndicatorLSHFInstall



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