K-Array Kommander KA02 4 x 50W

Klasse-D, 4 x 50W m/DSP

Varenr: KA02
15 000,-eks mva.
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The Kommander-KA02 is the smallest amplifier in the Kommander line with an incredibly compact size of 144 x 46 x 144 mm.

The amplifier features two balanced analog inputs and a fiber optical input working up to 192 kHz. It boasts Bluetooth connectivity, mini jack input and USB ports for using MP3, WAV, FLAC, AAC, ecc., files.

Converted by AKM’s quality ADC, the audio is processed by a powerful DSP working at 192 kHz – 32 bit and amplified by a 4-channel Class D module with digital I2S inputs. With the backing of 200W, the KA02 can be arranged in multiple output configurations such as 4 x 50W, 2 x 100W, 2 x 50W + 1 x 100W.

The onboard Quad Core 1.2 GHz – 64-bit processor allows the end user to connect to the internet in a multitude of connectivity options. With the possibility to be controlled via Wi-Fi by a dedicated app, the KA02 has the ability to access music through the onboard Spotify and Web Radio streaming.



Teknisk info


Power Output

  • Max Output @ 4O 4 x 50 W (1)
  • Type 4-channel class D audio amplifier

Output Configuration

  • Subwoofer 100 W @ 2O (Ch 1-Ch 2 PBTL config)
  • Mid-high out left 50 W @ 4O (Ch 3 BTL config)
  • Mid-high out right 50 W @ 4O (Ch 4 BTL config)


  • 4.1 Bluetooth Low Energy
  • Wi-Fi
  • Ethernet

Audio Input

  • Input Connections 2 x Phoenix Connectors (bal), 3.5 mm Jack Stereo (unbal), Toslink Optical Connector


  • IP 20

Physical Overview

  • Dimensions 144 x 46 x 144 mm (5.67“ x 1.8” x 5.67“) (2)
  • Weight 0.5 kg (1.10 lb)
  • Notes for data:

    1. EIAJ Test Standard, 1KHz, 1%THD
    2. (W x H x D)

    New materials and design are introduced into existing products without previous notice. Present systems may differ in some respects from those presented in this catalogue.

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