Yamaha CBR15 2-way Passive Loudspeaker

2-way Speaker, Bass-reflex Type

Varenr: CBR15
4 028,-eks mva.
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The CBR Series is a new lineup of passive loudspeakers developed by adopting the extensive knowledge of speaker designand acoustic technologies that Yamaha has accrued over a long and storied history of making speakers of every kind.Combining a meticulous materials selection process, thorough customization of the audio components, and a fresh, innovativeapproach to speaker design, our engineering team's primary focus was to deliver high-power, high-definition sound in a highlyportable and versatile design that is equally at home in front-of-house, floor monitoring, or rigged configurations.

Custom Designed Transducers and Wide-Dispersion Constant Directivity Horn for Powerful High-Definition Sound- HF Protection Function and Highly Responsive LF Unit for Reliable Performance at Any Output Level- Rugged, Highly Portable Enclosure Design- Simple Connectivity- Versatility for a Variety of Applications  


Teknisk info
   * 2.1Khz FIR-X Tuning   
   * 52Hz-20kHz
   * All-new Dynamic 1000W Amplifier (LF 800W+HF 200W)
   * Maximum SPL 131dB peak
   * D-Contour EQ Main/Monitor
   * Premium-grade, custom-designed transducers
   * Exclusive 90° × 60° CD Waveguide Horn
   * Compact and lightweight Plastic Cabinet (15,8kg)
   * Performs as main PA or floor monitor
   * Stand and pole mountable, with 35mm pole sockets
   * Integrated M8 rigging points for suspended applications

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