Aeromic Komplett trådløs pakke

603-650mhz Mikrofon + sender + mottaker

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The only compact transmitter designed and built for fitness. Versatility - best describes this system - Built onto the ultimate headset mic for aerobics instruction, the Aeromic. Specially designed O’ring seals, marine grade varnish on the circuit board, sealed push button ‘on/off’ switch - sets this transmitter in a class by itself for fitness use. An 8 channel frequency agile transmitter and receiver combo give you the flexibility to operate in the toughest wireless areas. Check-out the features below. 

Completely free from the belt pack, but still guaranteed to perform for 50 classes per week. 

The simplified, clean Mini-Tx design takes a beating and keeps on delivering. Over three years in development, Fitness Audio got this NO BODY-PACK system Right. Check out the features of this next-generation cableless mic system below:
  • 8 channel frequency agile UHF system
  • Coated circuit boards - to protect against sweat
  • Sealed single push button ‘ON/OFF’ switch on the transmitter
  • Single AAA battery transmitter operation
  • Tone coded transmission - eliminates spurious emissions and ‘on/off’ pop noise and need for ‘mute’ switch on transmitter



Fitness Audio U-Serie.

Mottakermodell SDR-5616. Denne passer til både Fitness Audio SM-716 bodypack sendere og MTU8 micro hodesett sendere.

5 grupper med 16 frekvenser tilgjengelig.

XLR og 1/4 "utganger.


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