Xilica Solaro Touch panel 5"

5" Touchscreen PC Controller

Varenr: XTOUCH50
7 996,-eks mva.
 A new range of high-quality touch controls that deliver simple, user-intuitive command capabilities, XTouch™  products boast low power consumption, exceptional off-axis viewing, high-definition, and high-contrast functionality.

With the reliability and ease-of-installation demanded by today’s integrators, XTouch features 5? and 8? touch panels which can be both vertically- and horizontally-mounted for optimal convenience. Installation is simple, with one-stop, drag-and-drop programming through Xilica Designer® giving ease-of-use and reduced design time for integration professionals — plus no need for knowledge of code and graphic design.

And, as XTouch devices reside on a standard Ethernet network alongside accompanying Solaro™ or Neutrino™ units, their displays can be readily updated by integrators at any moment, with no periods of downtime. Conveniently, PoE functionality allows for discreet positioning, with no need for external power supplies and trailing cables.

In addition, flexible mounting options open XTouch models up to a range of use cases, enabling integrators to deliver a consistent control surface experience across rooms – from the boardroom, utilising a dedicated XTouch80 with table-top stand; to corridors and lobbies, with the vertical mounting function of the XTouch50. For micro meeting rooms, such as BYOD booths, integrators can opt to mount the smaller XTouch50 horizontally – delivering ample space for room AV functionality whilst keeping surfaces clutter-free.

The XTouch50 mounts into a standard US/EU/UK 1-gang back-box or low voltage bracket using the included mounting hardware. Meanwhile, the XTouch80, being larger, suits a US 2-gang back-box, or 2-gang low voltage bracket using the included mounting hardware. XTouch80 products are complimented by an optional table-top mounting stand, available to order separately.

Both the XTouch50 and XTouch80 are available solely in black, delivering a sleek and high-quality glass-to-glass appearance.

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