Xilica Solaro XWP kontrollpanel Hvit

1,5" OLED med rotary switch

Varenr: XWP-Control-WHT
2 896,-eks mva.

Sleek, one knob control that makes command input easy, with simple drag-and-drop programming in Xilica Designer®.

• Xilica offers a wealth of control options for its Solaro Series processors. These run the gamut from our dedicated XTouch controls and free XTouchApps to third-party control devices. But Xilica also offers the convenience of our simplified, programmable, PoE powered XWP-Control wall controls

• The XWP-Control can be programmed to control up to 32 control parameters, using a simplified single-layer design, including Level, Mute, Presets, etc

• All controls can be password protected

• Comprised of Black or White and US or EU/UK models, these 1.5" OLED display with rotary encoder remote controls reside on an Ethernet network with connected Solaro processors. Program XWP-Control controls using a one step drag & drop configuration from within the processors Xilica Designer software

• The XWP-Control mounts into a US or EU/UK 1-gang box

• Installation guide and template included with each XWP-Control or download the XWP-Control installation guide from our web site

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