Audac ARU104MK2 relè

Relay group 4 relays Relay group 4 relay

Varenr: ARU104MK2
3 556,-eks mva.


  • 4 x Relay outputs (NO/NC)
  • Terminal block connection
  • DIN rail mounting enclosure
  • Manual (contact) relay activation
  • Digital communication bus (RS-485)
  • The ARU104 is a specially designed flexible relay module, consisting of 4 relays. These can be used for switching between two different input signals. In the most common situations, a background music signal and a priority signal are applied. In combination with the APM paging consoles, it offers a simple and versatile paging solution that can be applied to all types of systems. It has full priority and can be switched between 100V and standard low impedance speaker signals as well as line level signals. There’s the possibility to connect multiple units in cascade which offers a wide range of possibilities for all kinds of applications. They are suitable to be mounted on a standard DIN rail, providing connection strips for the in- and output signals.
System specifications
Number of relays4
RelayTypeTwo pole type
InputsSignal8 x 3-pin screw terminal for A & B input
OutputsSignal8 x 2-pin screw terminal
ContactsNormal open & normal closed
ControlDigital communication bus (RS-485)
Manual (contact) relay activation
IndicatorsRelay activation indicator LED’s
PowerConsumption6 W (max.)
Supply24 V DC
Connectors2 x RJ45 (input & linkthrough outputs)
Max. cable length300 m
Connection standardTIA/EIA T568B
Product Features
Dimensions112.8 x 50.4 x 132 mm (W x H x D)
Weight0.580 kg
Data protocolRS-485
Required cablingUTP CAT5E
ConstructionUnbreakable plastic housing
AccessoriesOptionalARJ03P junction box
CP45ARJ RJ45 junction plate
PSD24x external Power supply


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