Snow Frost Q12 Wash

12x40W RGBW/PixelMap/Art-Net/4.5-36 zoom

Varenr: Frost Q12 Wash
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The Q12 Wash starts out with a whopping 12 x 40W Osram Ostar RGBW LEDs giving you a massive light output. Individually controllable LEDs lets you do graphics, mid-air effects as well as both tights beams and large washes with the 8:1 (4.5-36 degree) zoom system.


At only 12.5kg it is a seriously impressive fixture that is able to handle everything from small events to large scale stages. As the Q3 and Q7 is also offers 16-bit dimming, 4 selectable dimming curves and 0-25Hz strobe.


Control is managed through both 3-and 5-pin DMX with support for RDM, Art-Net on Ethercon RJ45 and built in W-DMX from Wireless Solution in Sweden.

Teknisk info

 ?12 x 4W Osram Ostar RGBW
?Powercon I/O, 3&5 Pin DMX/RDM
?Artnet (Ethercon RJ45)
?User friendly interface
?4.5-36 degree zoom
?Universal power supply

Technical specifications
Light output:

?Lux @ 3m 55555
?LED type 12 x 40W Quad-LED (RGBW).
?LED color RGBW (Red, green, blue, white)
?Drive current 2.5A
?Refresh rate: Selectable 1200MHz-25.000Hz
?Power 100~240VAC…50/60Hz
?Power consumption: 460W Max
?Control signal type: DMX/RDM/ArtNet/W-DMX
?Number of DMX channels 13(HSIC),13(Person1),15(CMY),21(Person2),57(Pixel)

•Beam angle, 4.5-36°


•390 x 292 x 411 mm
•Weight 12.5 kg
•Housing material: Flame retardant plastic
•Color: Black

•DMX: 3 & 5 pin in/out
•Artnet: Ethercon (RJ45)
•Power: Powercon true 1 in/out
•Forced convection cooling
•Operating temperature: 0 – +45 grader Celsius
•Ingress protection IP20, dry location

•Certification: CE, MET

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