InventDesign LED Strip RGB 24V 5m

RGB, 17mm pitch

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This LED Strip RGB 24V is 5 meters and contains 350 pieces of SMD 5050 LEDs and is a High Output strip. The strip can be connected directly to one of our power supplies. This LED strip is dimmable, and depending on the type of LED driver can dim up to 0%. The strip is easy to cut to size because it can be cut every 10 cm.


GeneralLED typeSMD 5050
Product PhysicsCutting interval (mm)100 mm
 L x W x H (mm)5000 x 10 x 2
 Weight125 g
Lighting specsLED quantity /m70
 LED spacing (mm)14,5 mm
 Color rangeRGB
 Beam angle120 °
 Luminous flux408 Lm/m
ElectronicsInput voltage24V DC
 Power consumption14,4 W/m
 Current max.0,6A/m
Control CharacteristicsControl unitsSingle pixel
 Number of channels4
EnvironmentalIngress protectionIP20
 Storage temperature-40 ~ +80 °C
 Operating temperature-20 ~ +60 °C
 Warranty3 Year
Teknisk info
Technical information
    Length: 5 m
    Width: 12 mm
    Height: 2,5 mm
    Weight: 300 gr
    IP Norm: 20
    Current: 18 A
    Voltage: 5 V
    Color: black
    Power consumption: 90 W
    Cuttable distance: 3,8 cm
    Distance between LEDs: 16 mm
    Number of LEDs: 300
    LED Type: SMD 5050
    Beam angle: 120 °
    DMX: Yes
    Working temp: -25~+60 °C
    Brand: Epistar
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