CASY in-table mount box


Varenr: CASY024/B
1 249,-eks mva.


  • Solid cold rolled steel construction
  • Structured and scratch resistant black powder coating
  • 45° rotatable lid
  • BlindSnap™ mounting system
  • Cable entry with brush
  • Large access holes on rear
  • For desktop and gypsum wall applications

The CASY024 is a modular desktop and wall mountable chassis which can be fitted with 4 modules from the CASY range. The flexible and modular structure ensures maximum versatility, allowing the system to be adapted to project specific requirements. Possibilities range from audio, video and data interconnection to power distribution, control panels, power supplies and many more.

The cold rolled steel construction features pre-threaded hole inserts allowing module installation with a maximum of 4 units with a built-in depth up to 68.5 mm. The module insert can be mounted preassembled eliminating the risk of dropping screws or parts inside the wall or table during module mounting. Thanks to the BlindSnap™ mounting system, it can be mounted in any wall or surface without access to the backside. Cable entry is possible through large access holes on the rear side. The module insert can be opened and closed for a clean installation. The overall construction is finished in a black (/B) or grey (/G) structured and scratch resistant powder coating.

Product Features
Dimensions178 x 198 x 91.5 mm (W x H x D)
Max. usable depth68.5 mm
Weight1.5 kg
ConstructionCold rolled steel
ConnectionLarge access hole on the rear
FinishStructured powder coating
ColoursBlack (RAL9005)
Grey (RAL9006)
ModuleUnits4 x front side
Cut-out measurement161 x 175 mm (W x H)
Clamping range6 - 50 mm


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