Caymon FCE086HD, Universalflight

Universalflight utv 800x600x620

Varenr: FCE086HD
5 296,-eks mva.
  • ProShield™ Heavy duty top layer
  • Hardware by Penn Elcom
  • Protects & transports wide variation of cables, accessories, ...
  • Hinged top cover
  • Optimal utilization of truck or pallet loadspace
  • Insertable divider or tray optionally available
  • Included 4" swivel bearing casters (2 x with brake)
  • Compatible with FCI series 19” rack inserts
  • 530 x 1130 x 580 mm inside usable dimensions
  • Caster dishes on top cover for stacking identical cases

The FCE126HD is a professional flight case with hinged top cover which can be used for storage and transportation of cables and accessories for your mobile installations. The internal usable space can be divided in various individual compartments using optional divider plates and trays. It is compatible with FCI Series 19” rack inserts, offering convenient, reliable and job-specific transportation possibilities for your precious electronic equipment.

The construction is made out of high quality 9 mm plywood covered by a ProShield™ top layer, offering an optimal protection for your equip­ment. The standard outside dimensions of 800 x 600 x 620 mm (incl ball corners & feet) guarantee an optimal utilization of truck or pallet load space. The inside usable area measures 530 x 780 x 580 mm.

Superior durability and handling convenience is guaranteed through Penn-Elcom® hardware such as heavy-duty ball corners, rivet pro­tected recessed flip handles and MOL™ type butterfly latches. Easy movement is guaranteed through 4 included swivel bearing casters (2 braked) and caster dishes on top cover guarantee convenient and secure stacking possibilities.



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