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1.   Clear, smooth sound and uniform spatial coverage

l The newly developed ¾-inch tweeter incorporates a magnetic fluid field design driver as well as a unique damper to reduce vibration and produce clear, smooth audio.

l The coaxial driver establishes a uniform sound field within the coverage area and prevents phase cancellation between the mid and high frequencies. An impedance of 16 ohms gives high and low impedance options. And, with a protective steel-back can, the compact ported enclosure on the CM-C54T and CM-C56T enhances low-end frequencies.


2.   Safety features and easy installation

l To ensure safety, each speaker is equipped with a one-touch spring-loaded ceiling mounting tab, which also makes installation simple. The slide-lock mechanism on the grille includes a fall-prevention function as well as included C-rings and tile bridges.

l These products comply with UL2043 Fire Test for Heat & Visible Smoke Release for Discrete Products and their Accessories Installed in Air-Handling Spaces and they also comply with UL1480A Speakers for Commercial and Professional Use*1.


3.   Designed for flexibility

l The CM-C54T and CM-C56T can be used in a variety of applications. On their own, they’re ideal for delivering sound in commercial spaces, or they can be used to complete an installation of XY Series speakers by filling in areas where wall-mounted boxes are unsuitable, such as corridors and bathrooms.

l The Euroblock connector enables easy loop-through and the built-in transformer tap allows for multiple deployment configurations over a variety of distances.


4.   Discreet speaker grilles to complement interior design

l With a slim, simple design that sits flush with the ceiling or wall, the CM-C54T and CM-C56T speakers can blend seamlessly into any surroundings.

l Two colors are available – black or white.

l With paintable grilles that feature a flush fit with the ceiling or wall, the new speakers are easy to incorporate into the design of any room.


*1 Scheduled to comply in Aug 2019; Not compatible with EN54-24.


CM-C54T /CM-C56T specifications






Frequency response

(- 10 dB, Typical)

85 Hz ~ 20 kHz

82 Hz ~ 20 kHz




Sensitivity(1W / 1m)

86 dB

88 dB

Nominal impedance

16 O

Power handling


30 W / 60 W

60 W / 120 W

Transformer taps

70 V

30 W /15 W / 7.5 W / 3.7 W

60 W / 30 W /15 W / 7.5 W

100 V

30 W / 15 W / 7.5 W

60 W / 30 W / 15 W




4-inch (102-mm) cone

6.5-inch (165-mm) cone


3/4-inch (20-mm) dome tweeter

3/4-inch (20-mm) dome tweeter


Euroblock (4 pin) × 1 (input: +/-, loop-thru: +/-)






Dimensions       (W x H)

240 x 210 mm  

(9.45 x 8.27 inches)

278 x 211 mm

(10.94 x 8.31 inches)


2.6 kg

3.5 kg


C-ring, Tile bridge, 4-pin Euroblock connector, Template for cutting the ceiling hole

Packaging Type

2 pieces per package

* Disclaimer: specifications and price are subject to change.

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* Other stated company names, product names, technology names, etc. are the trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.


About Pioneer Pro Audio

Pioneer Pro Audio is a leading manufacturer of professional loudspeakers. Its GS Wave and subsequent XY-Series and XPRS systems are installed into iconic club venues all over the world. Combining innovative technologies with industry expertise and drawing on decades of Pioneer DJ’s embedded audio heritage. Pioneer DJ Europe Ltd is the subsidiary of Pioneer DJ Corporation responsible for sales and marketing in EMEA. For more than 20 years, Pioneer DJ has been a market leader in the design and production of innovative DJ equipment and software. In addition to Pioneer Pro Audio,

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