K-Array Event-KREV80 White

1x KMT12X sub + 4x KAN200 anaconda

Varenr: KREV80

With impressive flexibility, the Event-KREV80 is a unique solution comprised of 4 x Anakonda-KAN200+ loudspeakers designed to wrap and shape around the venue providing background music throughout your event. To drive the passive speakers, the set includes 1 x Thunder-KMT12 powered subwoofer which features a high performance-to-size ratio that enables it to integrate seamlessly without attracting attention.

Plug and Play

Easy to use and quick to install, our active systems are developed with the end user in mind. There is no need to manually configure the system; it's ready to go as soon as it's connected so simply switch it on.


Flexuous Body

A flexo PET-grade braid exterior permits the speaker to bend into any seamless shape that you desire while protecting the 1" cone drivers foreign objects such as dust.


Visually Discreet

For architectural reasons, a visually discreet audio system may be required to integrate seamlessly with the layout without compromising sound quality.



We created a portfolio complete with lightweight products that are easy to transportation and quick to setup optimizing logistics, space, labor costs and time.


Modular Components
Four-Corner Port Configuration

The unique four-corner port configuration provides symmetrical back loading to the speakers, for extended bass response with very low distortion.



Integrated DSP

Built-in DSP allows for fine tuning of every single sonic parameter of the loudspeaker, providing the sound engineer the highest control on overall performance and fine granularity in system configuration.


KMT12 Digital Signal Processor Active Subwoofer Feature



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