K-Array KR802

2 KMT218 + 2 KY102K + 2 KY102KF

Varenr: KR802
  With the KR802, K-array has developed its most advanced self-powered,portable amplification system ever. The system features a pair of the Kayman mid-hi line array elements per side, matched with a dual 18” powered KMT218 subwoofer. A louder portable system for touring on a large scale with both elements individually making a perfect solution for theatre and concert hall installations. Pocket handles in the sub and an M20 thread mount position for attaching mid-high speakers, with a variety of mounting and rigging hardware options make the latest additions to the K-array Portable Series very versatile in almost any application and in every type of venue offering a unique design for your sound. The K-array portable series allows you to fly the line array elements which can even be calibrated into a banana shape for the most complex applications. The system features two channels of Class D amplification, housed in the subwoofer KMT218. The rear panel provides input for 2 balanced line signals and digital signals in AES/EBU protocol. An integrated touch screen provides intuitive managing and editing of powerful DSP controlling: input and output levels, In/Out routing, subwoofer delay up to 12 ms, Speakon output to the mid-hi element with delay of up to 12 ms, and overall system delay of up to 330 ms.All DSP functions, including EQ can be controlled with remote managing software via USB or RS485, conveniently on a standard XLR. And with the K-dante accessory can be used in a Dante network.The KR802 is designed in Italy and custom made under the K-array quality control system
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