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Med lyd over CAT fra RM523

Varenr: LX523/W
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The LX523 is a 3-way stereo loudspeaker system consisting of an active and passive loudspeaker, designed to be used in combination with seperately available (or as a set) input units such as the WP523 Wall panel and the RM523 Web based Input Control Unit. It is able to produce a clear and powerful sound with a power up to 2 x 40 Watt, offering a flexible solution for a wide variation of applications.
In combination with the WP523, it offers a solution for applications such as classrooms, meeting rooms, presentation desks, and many more where a speech signal from a microphone and a music signal from a source device, such as Laptop, CD-Player, MP3 player, ... should be mixed and made audible for an audience. While the RM523 Web based control interface offers a solution for more comprehensive applications where multiple line and microphone signals should be mixed and controlled, making it a simple but fully digital controllable audiosystem which can be operated through a web-based interface or an RS232 connection.
The input connections should be made on the rear side of the active loudspeaker by means of an RJ45 input connector, accompanied with a two band tone control for Bass and Treble equalization. The applied signal is differential with an increased voltage level, making the transfered signal insensitive for interference and noise generated by external devices. This allows bridging distances up to 500 meters between the input device and the loudspeaker, by just using inexpensive twisted pair CAT5 cable. The magnetically shielding of the speakers eleminate noise caused by radiation of external devices.
These speakers are always sold in pairs of one active and one passive speaker to be used together, and come with a sturdy steel mounting bracket, finished with powder coating.
Available in Black (/B) and White (/W).
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