K-Array Thunder-KMT12P Passive

12" subwoofer

Varenr: KMT12P
14 399,-eks mva.
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The KMT12P is a high performance sub-bass system designed for use with small to medium wavefront systems, in both touring and install applications. It features a 600 watt 12” drive unit with magnet structure and suspension engineered for maximum linear excursion. The ultra-light reflex cabinet is fitted with two pocket handles and one 35mm pole mounting point for easy installation with every satellite speaker on it. It features large area porting to reduce air noise. The KMT12P is ideal for small throw applications, like theaters, concert halls, AV installations. All the KMT12P components are designed by K-array R&D department and custom made under K-array control quality system.
Teknisk info
Unique performance-to-size ratio
High power 128 dB continuos, 134 dB peak
Fitted with integral handles
Ultra fast set-up and dismantling system
Direct radiating, long excursion 12" driver
Colors available
Specific RAL code for a customized painted model
Theatrical sound reinforcement
Concert halls, clubs, houses of worship
Portable and installed AV systems
Cinema surround sound and effects
K-Array K-FOOT2
2 760,- eks. mva
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