Yamaha QL1 Digital mikser

Varenr: QL1
99 986,-eks mva.
16 + 2 fader configuration in a compact, rack mountable unit.
Mix channels: 32 mono, 8 stereo.
Busses: 16 mix, 8 matrix (Input to Matrix supported).
Local I/O: 16 in, 8 out.
Fader configuration: 16 + 2 (Master).
Rack mountable with optional RK1 Rack Mount Kit.
The acclaimed CL series raised live digital mixing console performance to an unprecedented level of refinement with evolved sound quality, operability, and functionality, while maintaining the traditional values that have made Yamaha digital mixers industry standards. Core features and performance inherited directly from the CL series, including natural sound supported by sonically superb internal processing capabilities, operation that easily adapts to the demands of just about any working environment, and built-in Dante networking that facilitates flexible system configuration, have now been condensed and concentrated into the compact QL series digital mixing consoles. QL series consoles offer all-in-one mixing, processing, and routing capability for small to medium scale live sound, corporate speech events, installations, and much more.
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