Xilica Solaro XIO 8 med Dantekort

Modular I/O expander

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Making systems scalable. That’s the job of Solaro XIO: the next-generation of Input/Output Expansion Frames from Xilica.

Designed to ensure Solaro & X2 DSP configurations are future-proof, and to continue the mantra of total flexibility introduced by these two revolutionary modular processor platforms, XIO features a dual model configuration. XIO 8 is an eight card slot, quarter-rack-width Expansion Frame, accepting all 1U Solaro I/O Option Cards, whilst XIO 16 is a 16 card slot, full rack width, 1U Expansion Frame.

XIO 8 offers a number of convenient, small-format mounting options to expand channel count in low-profile applications. The product delivers 4×4 Dante networked audio, with Ethernet and Dante RJ45 connections, alongside PoE powering capabilities.  Its larger brother, XIO 16, offers an expanded 32×32 of Dante networked audio, with standard 19? rack mounting.

For more information on the Solaro platform, please visit the product page.


  • Deliver lower cost per input, and advanced system configurations with card-slot based Expansion Frames.
  • Bring Expansion Frames directly into specific rooms, creating new overflow capabilities and signal transportation across a facility.
  • Accept common Solaro Series I/O Option Cards, including two-channel analog audio in, analog audio out, AES/EBU and four channel GPIO.
  • Expand a system's Dante capabilities with either 4x4 or 32x32 send/receive Dante transmission.

XIO 8 Frame
XIO 16 Frame
Card slots816
ConnectorsRJ45 with PoE capability (Cat 5/6), RJ45 with Dante connectivity, DC Jack (When PoE is not used)RJ45 with Dante connectivity, IEC power socket
Power+12VDC/2A External power supply 90-240 VAC 50-60Hz (included), or Power over Ethernet (PoE)90-240 VAC (50-60Hz)
Rack mountOptional 19" 1RU rack mount kit fits one or two XIO-8/QR1 frames side-by-side. Single mount blank included1RU, with vent between units
Dimensions4.25”x1.75”x6” (108x44x152mm) without mounting brackets19”x1.75”x9” (483x44x229mm)
Weight2.2lbs / 1kg (Mainframe only, without power supply)11lbs / 5kg
WarrantyXilica Five Year Limited WarrantyXilica Five Year Limited Warranty


Teknisk info


  • Ultra high-performance, dual-core Linux processor with capacitive touch controls and a front-panel OLED display.
  • 16 user-configured card slots, with ultimate flexibility to mix and match I/O options for every installation.
  • Wide range of I/O options including analog input/output, AES/EBU, GPIO, Dante, and AEC — with a maximum of 32 audio channels and 64 GPIO channels in the FR1 chassis.
  • Supreme audio quality with selectable 48/96kHz sampling, a 40-bit floating point processor, and premium grade mic pre-amps.
  • Exceptionally easy to control, through PC/Mac, Xilica XTouch touch surfaces, complimentary iOS & Android apps, and third-party controllers from brands such as Crestron & Extron.
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