Audac Q4TR

Transformator 4 x 600W 100 V

Varenr: Q4TR
8 051,-eks mva.
The Q4 is a professional power amplifier which can deliver a power up to 4 x 600 Watt @ 4 Ohm, and is suitable for most common low impedance high power sound systems.
The Q series are designed as no-nonsense amplifiers with only the necessary controls and connectors. This creates great simplicity in use and installation.
They are built as 4 channel amplifiers with a bridge function, built-in limiter and a multipurpose protection circuit. The protection circuit detects DC malfunction, short circuit, overheating, overload and limits the signal when necessary. On the front of the amplifier, the volume of each channel can be set by an individual volume control, along with the signal, clip and protection indicator LED’s.
Each channel is fitted with a balanced XLR input connector and a speakon output connector. The amplifier can be switched to bridge mode with a switch located at the back, next to the ground lift switch.
The steel 19" housing has a height of 2 HE.
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