Audac MWX45, Veggpanel for MTX - Sort

Veggpanelkontroller for MTX-serien

Varenr: MWX45/B
696,-eks mva.
The MWX43/45 are wall panel controllers to be used in combination with the AUDAC MTX series Multi-Zone audio matrix systems.
It provides the possibility to select the desired audio source and control the volume for one zone. The 7 segment LED display indicates the current selected audio source (1-8) or volume.
The connection between the wall panel and the matrix system is achieved by using standard CAT5 UTP cable which should be connected to the terminal block connector on the back side of the wall panel.
The wall panels are available in two different sizes: 43 mm (MWX43) and 45 mm (MWX45), depending of the cover plate and installation materials which will be used.
The 45 mm version is compatible with Audac, Niko, Legrand and other standard 45 x 45 mm installation materials, while the 43 mm version is designed to be used with bTicino installation materials.
Due to its slim and good looking design, these wall panel conntrollers will blend into all kinds of different environments or interiors.
Available in Black (/B) and White (/W).
There are two different AUDAC cover frames with metal subframe available, for 1 or 2 units, which also available in Black (/B) or White (/W).
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