Audac MWX65, kontrollpanel for MTX, Hvit

Veggpanelkontroller for MTX-serien

Varenr: MWX65/W
1 996,-eks mva.
he MWX65 is an All-in-One Wall panel controller to be used in combination with the AUDAC MTX series Multi-Zone audio matrix systems.
It can control the input signal and volume for one zone and also contains an additional line and microphone level input which can be patched to the zone its connected to.
Both input selection and volume control as well as two band tone control can be controlled using the versatile rotatable push-dial, while the integrated 2.5” graphical display ensures a user friendly experience.
An XLR connector is provided as additional microphone input, while the line input is performed using RCA connectors. The signals applied to these inputs can be used as one additional local input. This enables you to connect any CD or MP3 player as local music source or connect a microphone for speeches or other announcements.
The input mixing can be done by using both push-lock potentiometers. The microphone input has the possibility to provide 15V Phantom power which can be turned on and off by software configuration. The wiring between the matrix and the wall panel should be performed by using standard UTP CAT5 Cabling, which transfers both the control and audio signals to the matrix while providing the power supply for the wall panel.
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