MADRIX® LUNA4 Art-Net node/USB interface

4 x 512 DMX OUT, 1 x 512 DMX IN

Varenr: IA-DMX-001014
7 919,-eks mva.
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The MADRIX LUNA reliably distributes DMX512 data over long or short distances using Ethernet network or USB.
The exclusive MADRIX Sync Mode makes sure that lighting effects look their best on the LEDs.


Art-Net Node
This device converts Art-Net data from Ethernet network to DMX512. Any small or large project greatly benefits from dependable data distribution and efficient operation.


MADRIX DMX512 USB Interface
Alternatively, you can choose to connect the unit as a Plug and Play solution to your computer using any USB 2.0 port. 


Easy Configuration
MADRIX LUNA offers powerful features, especially in combination with MADRIX. Take full advantage of pixel mapping and voxel mapping. The installation of the device is still quick and easy.


Quality Design
Devices are built 19? x 1U or 19? x 2U. They feature a fanless, low-energy design, a durable metal case, and NEUTRIK plugs. 2 pre-mounted brackets make rack mounting possible. 5 indicators quickly show the status of a device.


• 4x/8x/16x DMX-OUT
• 1x DMX-IN
• 1x RJ45 Ethernet port
• 1x USB port
• 1x Power socket

4/8/16 DMX-OUT + 1 DMX-IN
4, 8, or 16 XLR ports (5-pin, female) distribute the equal number of DMX universes per unit. 1 XLR port (5-pin, male) can be used for DMX input. Simply use several units at the same time for larger projects.


MADRIX Sync Mode
Only MADRIX software and LUNA hardware allow you to synchronize Art-Net data for all output ports and even across multiple devices to get an optimal image on the LEDs without visual interruptions.


3rd-Party Controllers
MADRIX LUNA complies with the official Art-Net specifications and can be used as a regular Art-Net
unit with other consoles, controllers, or software solutions.


Invaluable Features
The device is ready within seconds after start-up.
An HTP Merge is automatically available for two Art-Net sources. If required, you can access and change specific device settings using the built-in web configuration tool.


Package Contents
• Power cord
• USB cable
• MADRIX software (license not included)
• 2 Mounting brackets

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