Xilica Solaro QR1 rack kit

19" rack kit for mont. av 1 eller 2 QR1

Varenr: QR1/XIO8-RMKIT
1 190,-eks mva.
BeskrivelseTeknisk infoSupport
19 ”1RU rackmonteringssett. Monter en eller to QR1 eller XIO8 rammer side om side. Enkeltmontert blindpanel inkludert. Midtdel inneholder eksterne strømforsyninger.
Teknisk info


  • The QR1 is designed around a compact but powerful dual core processor and Xilica Designer’s drag-and-drop simplicity
  • Features modular I/O architecture to maximize I/O requirements per project and reduce unnecessary spending
  • 8 user-configured card slots accept 2ch analog audio input and output plug-in cards; 2ch AES/EBU digital audio input and output plug-in cards; and 4ch GPIO plug-in cards selectable as input or output. A maximum of 16 audio channels (8 card slots) and 32 GPIO channels (8 card slots). Any card type, in any combination, in any card slot maximizes I/O flexibility
  • 4x4 I/O of Dante network audio transport is included
  • QR1 connects to a wide range of control interfaces, including: our new XTouch50 and XTouch80 touch controls; wireless iOS and Android control devices and PC and Mac computers via our free XTouchApp; our GPIO card control ports; and any third-party control system (Crestron, AMX, others)
  • Power the QR1 using an external power supply (included) or via PoE
  • Options: QR1-AEC model provides AEC mic inputs up to 8ch@250ms / 16ch@100ms (soft-key activated) and dual rack mount kit. (Surface mount bracket included)
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