InventDesign Digidot LED Strip RGB HR

5m 24V High Res Black PCB

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This new DigiDot LED Strip RGB has 5050 RGB SMD LED's. They are placed fairly close to each other so you get a better effect and also the light output higher. We have made these flexible LED strip's on a black board so that it can be neatly hidden in the backdrop of club or theater, and so only the effect of the LEDs is visible. The strip runs on 24V so longer lengths are possible.

General Description DiGidot LED Pixel Strip

The LED Strip RGB is also available in a dynamic DiGidot version. This dynamic LED strip has more or less the same characteristics in comparison with the regular flexible RGB LED strip. However, what makes this LED strip unique is that it is addressable per individual segment. This product enables you to create running lights and all kinds of visual effects for every led project.

Controlling this strip is more complicated than the regular LED strip. We have the necessary DMX-to-DiGi controller which enables you to address 170 individual segments. The controller has 510 DMX channels with which you can programm the strips and create your own visual effects.

If you plan on using longer lengths of DiGidot strip we advise you to use our MADRIX software to control the LED's. Every segment, or pixel, needs 3 DMX channels: red, green and blue. This means that 170 segments use up to 510 DMX channels. In these kind of set-ups MADRIX software is the most effective and convenient solution. Check the MADRIX section for more information.

We strongly recommend not to use longer lengths then 5 meters because of voltage drop. If you need to make longer lengths you may connect the dataline to the next 5 meters. However this second 5 meters need seperate supply of power.

We are happy to advise you about the preferable set-up. If you are working on a project involving DiGi strip, please don't hesitate to contact us. We can adivse about where to put the power supply units and the quantity of DMX-to-DiGi controller needed.

Teknisk info


Technical information

  • Length: 5,015 m
  • Length: 5000 mm
  • Width: 12 mm
  • Height: 2.5 mm
  • Weight: 300 gr
  • IP Norm: 20
  • Current: 3,5 A
  • Voltage: 24 V
  • Color: black
  • Power consumption: 85 W
  • Cuttable distance: 8,5 cm
  • Distance between LEDs: 14,2 mm
  • Number of LEDs: 354
  • LED Type: SMD 3528
  • Lumen output: 2250 lm/m
  • Beam angle: 120 °
  • DMX: Yes
  • Working temp: -25~+60 °C
  • Brand: Epistar
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