K-Array Vyper-KV52X I Custom paint

Ultraflat Linearray speaker custom paint

Varenr: KV52X I
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The Vyper-KV52 is an ultra-flat passive

speaker system comprised of eight 1”

neodymium magnet transducers housed in

an elegant yet sturdy aluminum chassis.

The eight closely-spaced cone drivers

provide true line array characteristics: phase

coherence, low distortion and focused

listening in both the near field and at a

distance from the speaker. A steel bracket

accessory provides an option to mount wall

application for permanent installations.

For easier use and integration with other

speakers or amplifiers, the Vyper allows

the user to select two different values of

impedance (16O – 64O). At 64O as many

as 16 Vypers can be powered off a single

amplifier channel at 4O, which eliminates

the need of 70 V amplifiers for wider

distributed installed systems.

The Vyper is able to reproduce the

whole vocal frequency range with high

intelligibility, starting from 150 Hz.

Integrating one of the K-array subwoofers

KU family, powered by a KA amplifiers

set with specific presets optimized for the

Vyper assures excellent coverage of the

entire musical frequency range.

All Vyper components are designed by the

K-array R&D department and are custom

made under the K-array quality control



Teknisk info
    Unique performance-to-size ratio
    Vertical, Horizontal and 3D line-array applications
    Multiple 1” long-excursion full-range cone drivers
    Wide horizontal coverage
    Very flat profile Integrated mounting hardware
    Selectable 16 Ohm or 64 Ohm impedance
    Top quality components for outstanding performance
    Available in black or white
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